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BlueFish Regeneration inspires and motivates through its regeneration strategies, project implementation and delivery. Its hands-on approach brings tangible benefits to any regeneration project.

By combining an understanding of local needs with specialised expertise, BlueFish determines how communities and social enterprises can reinvent themselves. Its innovative solutions bring new employment opportunities and prosperity, and businesses benefit from the new markets created.

In any regeneration project, the experienced and creative team behind BlueFish Regeneration advises, stimulates and instigates. It often takes its development ideas through to delivery, undertaking feasibility studies and business planning to ensure sustainable and viable developments. It always strives to make projects self-financing and, where possible, profit-making with minimal dependence on the public purse.

Regeneration project development and implementation by BlueFish Regeneration means:

BlueFish Regeneration’s aim in all urban, rural and coastal regeneration projects is to deliver successful, lasting solutions through sustainable growth, with multiple benefits for local communities.

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