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Rural Regeneration article by Imelda Havers in Yorkshire Post

May 26, 2009

Imelda Havers comments on the decline of local facilities in rural communities for the Yorkshire Post.



Can you imagine an industry in this country losing 20,000 jobs a year on the quiet, with little action being done about it? That is in effect what we are allowing to happen with the continuing demise of local pubs. A report by the British Beer and Pub Association published earlier this month suggested that 2,000 local pubs closed for good in 2008, and it estimated 20,000 jobs had gone as a result.


Such a decline is clearly shocking for many local communities around the country, particularly in Yorkshire with its strong brewing tradition. A pub, like the village school, is the heart of many of our small towns and villages, and once that goes, much of the spirit of the village goes with it. In fact, that 20,000 figure doesn't include the many people who rely on the pub either for their livelihood - suppliers, cleaners, and so on - or for meeting friends. Where do the regular drinkers of the village go, once the landlord has called ‘last orders' for the last time?


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