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Imelda Havers comments on Rural Regeneration in Regeneration & Renewal Magazine

May 26, 2009

A letter from Imelda Havers about rural regeneration recently appeared in Regeneration and Renewal magazine. Read on and see if you agree ...


We can help locals defend their local


Your leader on local pub closures (R&R, 16 March) mentions that much more is possible as a way of saving them than just fiscal measures on alcohol prices. I couldn't agree more.

Pubs are much more than just drinking dens. Successful local ones are places where the community wants to meet. So the best way of ensuring any threatened pub's future is to find out what the community wants from its local watering hole - what other services it could provide, for example, besides a tipple. Such an approach has already worked for some village schools and post offices.


We as regeneration professionals have a role to play here, particularly as the DCLG launches its £70m Communitybuilders programme. By actively seeking out what the local community wants, we can ensure they can win such monies to ensure their pub is no longer entirely bound by the whims of the drinks industry and Government tax collectors.


Imelda Havers, managing director, Bluefish Regeneration

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